Hi! I’m Esther!

An Ibiza girl who has lived 5 years in a city with no sea and other metaphors to talk about my resilience. 

I studied Advertising and Public Relations because I’ve always been passionated about trying to know how people’s minds worked. And even though I always refused to do a master’s degree, I ended up with two, which turned out to be almost free. It’s quite ironic, isn’t it?

On the personal side, I’d highlight two things: First, something I’ve been, am, and always will be is a camp monitor. I could try to explain what it means, but some things should be experienced firsthand to really be understood. And second, which I’m sure you already noticed, I’m a big fan of cloudy days.
It’s not an excuse to differ – promise – it’s just that I advocate for lost causes, as a pure personal curiosity.

To sum (me) up, if you just will remember one thing about me, I’d say that I’m passionate about anything that tickles my brain, whether it is in my job or in my daily routine.

I have experience…

I’ve also received some recognition by…

Finalist and winner in the «Nos duele a todos» creativity contest.

Finalist in the student category of the
«El Sol de Iberoamérica» contest.

Winner of the Miami Ad School creative contest for a master scholarship.

Winner of the Voxelschool creative contest for a master scholarship.

If I feel comfortable I can trully be a chatterbox in…

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