SONORA is an artistic-musical entity of young entrepreneurship, created, integrated and managed by young professional musicians who are coordinated with a common goal: to make music a contemporary art for everyone and share it with the context that surrounds us today.

Aurum is their new project:

Experiences entirely designed and produced by SONORA in which the young professional musicians that make up the entity, from their talent and versatility, design formats that seek to excite and reach the depths of each viewer.

In February of 2023 the first concert of Aurum takes place in Madrid.
A soundtrack concert by
 the SONORA chamber orchestra and choir, including more than 20 musicians on stage and a venue lighted with more than 500 candles,

After the sold out in the previous concerts a new edition of the soundtruck concert was necessary. 
Again, a candlelight concert by the SONORA chamber orchestra and choir, but with a new repertoire of songs, highlighting the release of the live action movie The little mermaid.

In the most magical season of the year Aurum presents a new concert by candlelight:
A tribute to the most emblematic Christmas carols and Christmas-inspired pieces, performed by the live orchestra and choir of SONORA.