Surfrider Foundation, an activist network that aims to protect the oceans, will partner with the Miami Dolphins to create protected fishing spaces in the USA East Coast. But, is it possible for a football team to change the impact of the fishing industry?

The Surfrider Foundation will make use of the data that has been collected for years but never been used: the total run yards by the end of the season. This number will be converted into the corresponding nautical miles to establish that area as a protected fishing space.

Thanks to the support of their fandom, Miami Dolphins players get motivated to make the most of their games.
So let’s make the most of that.

This way, if every Miami Dolphins fan, who are already aware of the dolphins’ suffering, joins Surfrider Foundation, together they will be able to save our dolphins and preserve the world’s oceans, waves and beaches.

Achieving this, we respond the ask of Surfrider Foundation’s call: to recruit USA citizens that are ocean lovers and turn them into volunteers.

Proyecto realizado con Pilar Del Río y Rafa de Zuloaga.