We’ve all dreamed of being a singer but at the same time the star of the songs. And, do you wanna know what? Now that’s possible.

Todo se transforma (”Everything changes”), one of the most famous songs of the Uruguayan composer and singer Jorge Drexler, has now its merchandising: a metal black box with magnetized pieces of the lyrics of the song. As the title of the song indicates, everything transforms, everything changes, so now his fans can create poetry with his words.

To communicate this, we have made a stop motion showing how everything transforms, including Todo se transforma. And because when an artist writes a song, the song no longer belongs to the person who writes it but to the ones who listen to it and feel it, we have designed some posters and examples, to show how fans can express their own stories with Jorge Drexler’s words.

   «Love became steam»

«I’ll look for a corner in your galaxy»

«Your mouth stepped on mine»

«Poetry to be transformed into poetry»