Drafting 155 booklets and designing their covers, front and back, by hand. Yes, I’m nuts. 310 in total. Ready for the printer.

Designated by the critics as «antinovel» and, by Cortazar «contranovela», Rayuela is a literary work that was born with the objective, from the author, of inviting the reader to be creative and participate in the novel.
This is a story divided in 155 chapters whose reading order can be determined by the common linear or the one raised on the steering board at the beginning of the novel.

This approach of free reading entails a revolution for the known narrative structure, which had a shape and container that would not allow stories to achieve their full potential.
In the end, the usual publishing design guides readers towards bookbinding, chapter numbering and pagination, towards linear sequential reading, as if that was the only valid one.

This is the reason for the proposition of designing a complete republishing of the work that makes it possible to meet Cortázar’s wishes. It will be a new layout, consisting of 155 minibooks, one for each chapter, with its corresponding chalk illustration, conceptualising its content.
In this way, the ludic purpose of the work is facilitated, turning the reader into the editor of the story.