Zuppa is an «affordable premium spoon-dish» restaurant in the fast-food market which needed an idea to communicate its new stews prepared with plant-based meat.

After some investigation about one of the most trendy diets nowadays: vegetarianism, we found out, in Spain, statistics show that in every group of 5 friends 1,5 are vegetarians.  Meaning that one of them is full veggie, three of them love meat, and there’s one in two minds, our 0.5.

So yeah, we built the idea of the campaign around our main target:
All those who sit on the fence.

Half-vegetarians, vegetarians sometimes, vegetarians on even days, vegetarians on odd days, vegetarians in stages, vegetarians whenever they want to, vegetarians by fashion, social vegetarians, demanding vegetarians, poser vegetarians, vegetarians at home, vegetarians in transition, vegetarians with exceptions, vegetarians in training, under cover vegetarians, radical vegetarians, curious vegetarians… 
All vegetarians welcome!

After creating new versions of the logo, welcoming all sorts of veggies, and communicating in the social media the new plant-based meat dishes, the turn of the physical world came next.
Check below some of the posters created.