In case you were wondering what this is about…

Traditionally speaking there is nothing that is meant to be taken more in Amsterdam than a lighter… but now I’m in town.

With that thought in mind, I realized that if I wanted to make a name and introduce myself in this world, I could do it as simply and naturally as taking a lighter is.

Making a lighter the new way to share my portfolio felt like the most fun and quirky idea to pass through the largest number of creative hands in the most sublte and casual way. I just needed to start the chain.

«Better than a match» is the thought behind this personal project.

A quote that reflects the belief in my potential, versatility and passion.

A concept that started with the intention of leaving these lighters to be swiped in the bars and cafes near the agencies I was interested in and ended up being partly my business card at the events I was attending and an Esther was here mark.

So if you have arrived here in this way, thank you for your interest in my fire… looks like it’s definetely better than a match!

And if you wanna gossip about the process…